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We bring the club to you!

Male Exotic Dancers

We specialize in providing Male Exotic dancers for bachelorette parties, and also offer entertainment for birthday parties, divorce parties, and many other occasions that would allow a hot male stripper to come and shake things up and make your evening a memorable one.

Keep in mind that we are very selective in the guys that we recruit and represent our company. We encourage our customers to give us feedback after booked parties to insure we can keep delivering top notch service all over the USA and Canada. We get a high number of applicants wishing and dreaming to work as a Male Stripper, however we are very selective and we turn down about 70% to 80% off the applications we receive. We are picky on who we want to represent our company, and we know our customers appreciate our heavy screening process in order for a Male Stripper to claim he is representing Bodies to Excite.

Female Exotic Dancers

Many of our Female Entertainers that we have onboard are working as Female Strippers as a side job. We prefer sending out girls that are working this as a side job. We tend to find with our experience in dealing with female strippers in this industry that the girls who treat this as a side job, and not a career tend to be much more reliable, and have a better work ethic since they have the skills of working in the real world during the week.

We do have our entertainers periodically and at random do a live Skype or video conferencing call to insure they are staying in shape, and do resemble their photos they submit. Some dancers in this industry sometimes skip workouts and drink and eat too much junk food, so we are prepared to keep an eye on them to insure we are delivering you as the customer, top notch service!

We book many parties with one female dancer attending the event, however if you are having a big bachelor party, maybe 20 guys or more, we highly recommend booking two girls, it’s twice the excitement, and much more interactive. It’s not worth trying to skim out cheap on spending for your buddy’s bachelor party, when its a once in a lifetime event, and you wanna step up to the plate and deliver him some double trouble, two girls he could never imagine handling on his wildest nights single!!

Our number one priority is repeat business!

Give us a call and let us handle all of the necessary arrangements in order to make your upcoming party a successful and memorable one. Our customer service staff has many years of experience booking all types of parties, and we can easily answer your questions and give you recommendations on how to make your party the most successful and flow with ease.

Top three things to consider when booking:

Book in advance to get your preferred date and time.

No question is a dumb question, we are here to help you.

Have fun and be sure to have your guests all bring tip money for the dancer, the dancer feeds off the crowd.