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Chicago Black Male Exotic Dancers

Chicago Male Strippers are ready to go for any last minute event you might have.  We will do our very best to get someone hot, ripped and sexy to your door as quickly as possible. Our guys are very professional and on time for a high percentage of our booked events. We do however recommend that you pre book your party, so the entertainer has time to get ready and make a safe journey to your location.  We do ask that you have some available parking for him when he arrives that is very close.  Many of our dancers are doing multiple shows in one night, so every minute counts when they arrive to you.

Strippers in Chicago are used to driving all over the windy city on a Friday or Saturday night.  Sometimes we have dancers that are passing through Chicago and are taking work as they travel.    We only offer the best, hottest talent for the Chi Town area.  Keep in mind with the Black Male Strippers, the shows tend to be a bit more risqué and interactive.  If you are looking for something more wild and over the top, then this would be your best choice in adult entertainment.


Chicago Male Strippers

Chicago Male Strippers are also available in other races such as Latin or White.  We have a good selection of guys available on our Male Strippers page in the photo gallery.  We ask that you pick out your top four choices and we will try to accommodate that for you.  We do ask that you have at least a minimum of five people attending or more at a booked party.  There is no limit on how many guests you have attending your party.  The more guest you have, the more tips the dancer can make.   If you have any further questions you may view our contact page for our direct phone number to our booking office.