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Hiring Strippers – No Experience – read below:

If you do not have experience working as a stripper or exotic dancer that does not mean that you can not apply, however their are some things to consider before working in this industry. 1. You need to be in fit shape, and athletic build for male strippers, this does not mean skinny and ripped. We need the male dancers to have a medium to large physique with lean muscle mass. 2. This job requires you to perform in front of crowds, maybe even mixed crowds of men and women in homes, offices, hotel rooms, and other places where are our services are requested. If you are shy and have a hard time interacting with others, this is probably not the job for you. 3. 90 percent of the work we book occurs on Friday and Saturday nights. With this being said, if you are used to making plans or doing things with friends or significant others regular on those nights, this might be a problem, since most of our work occurs on these nights and we also get last minute parties coming in. The applicants who are available for last minutes parties and that are free on most Friday and Saturday nights are given the most opportunites to work. 4. All dancers will need to have or invest in a good boom box to play music at their parties. A GPS system to have in their car to be able to navigate and arrive early or on time to all of our scheduled events. A cell phone with car charger so we may reach you last minute for any changes or issues with any booked shows that may occur. For male dancers, over time will need to work on getting together a wardrobe of typical stripper type costumes for the parties we book and being able to show up dressed in one of these costumes and have music relating to that costume to provide an entertaining intro with focus on the bachelorette or birthday girl to kick off the party.

Good luck and we hope to bring you aboard!