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Male Revue Shows


Male Revue Shows for Ladies Night:

Many nightclubs and bars have had success with offering a male revue at their establishment. We are the experts at planning these types of events at any location from a small local neighborhood bar to a high occupancy large nightclub.    

Let us be your first choice in making your next ladies night a total success by booking a male revue night for the ladies. It has been proven that offering this type of entertainment will increase your drink sales, and cover charges. In addition, you will also attract new customers who have maybe never been to your establishment before. Allow us to help plan out a ladies night that will pack your bar, increase your drink sales, and give your establishment lots more exposure, no pun intended!

Most club owners try to book a male revue on a Friday or Saturday night, however we have found that having a male revue on a weeknight especially a Thursday night tends to be the best night do it. The reason is, you want the male revue to help pick up the attendance of customers on nights that tend to be slower, typically nights other than the weekend.  Keep in mind a typical male revue show can have as little as three guys booked and up to four or five is general size.

We suggest for any booked male revues, that you allow a minimum of three weeks to advertise the event with fliers posted in your bar and any other online advertising you may wish to pursue. Many club owners do not realize if you do not give enough time to advertise the event properly, then the turn out will not be what you expected. We do not want you or our dancers to be let down with a low head count. We will also guide you along with other typical questions about who will MC the show, sounds, music, lights, and prep areas.


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Typical Male Revue Shows Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

In our experience it’s best to give a minimum of three weeks of advertising of the event to insure a good turn out of ladies to the male revue. With this being said, it is ideal to book most male revues about one month in advance as an accurate timeline.

Not all male revues require lodging provided for the dancers. If they have to travel a great distance, typcially four or more hours, or they are on a nationwide tour and are stopping to entertain at your bar, then most times in those cases basic motel rooms would need to be provided. The general rule of thumb is one room for every two dancers booked. So for example, if you booked a four man, male revue, and rooms are required based on how far the dancers are traveling to you, then they would need a total of two rooms. At the time of giving you a price quote, we will inform you if lodging will need to be provided or not.

Most male revue shows typically charge a cover charge for the ladies to get in to see the show. Cover charges can widely range anywhere from $10.00 up to $25.00 per person, depending on the location, and type of bar. Some bars will pre sell tickets for a discount, and then charge more at the door. For example, some clubs will advertise, to purchase tickets in advance for $10.00, or $15.00 at the door.

A typical male revue show would consist of a minimum of four dancers. Some smaller clubs have gotten away with trying out a three man show, maybe if its a small venue, and or if the bar is not sure of what kind of turn out they will get or they are working with limited funds, that might be the way to go. However, we suggest booking a four or five man show for a typical male revue. Most of these types of shows will last typically anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours or more.

Most male revues have a variety of male dancers booked for the show to insure having a guy there that would appeal to the various difference in tastes of the audience. Each male dancer would come out in a costume and perform a strip act that would go along with the theme and the music being played. The dancers will take their time removing articels of clotihing and teasing and working up the crowd for the first song, and then typically the 2nd song the dancer will go down to g-string or boxers depending on the local laws for the establishment and then work the crowd for tips, and or perform hot seats on the stage. Again all of that also is depending on local laws. Some laws are very strict and require a stage with a minimum height and barrier so many feet from the audience, and other type of local ordinances.

Many bars will advertise the event, as a ladies night. Generally most men will not want to be sitting and watching the show or being around the show. Many times if guys are in the bar, they might sit up at the bar and drink or go play pool or darts in an adjacent area of the establishment. We do not ban men from being in the bar during the show, however we recommend having security present and discouraging the men from sitting in the area where the ladies are enjoying the show. We have had some guys in the bar in the past get jealous, and try to distract the show, or cause a disruption for the dancers or the lady customers. We assume you do not want this type of situation to happen at your booked show with us. So take into consideration how you will handle your male patrons during the show, or what drink specials you might offer them or areas they can congregate till the male revue has finished.

Every bar is different, some have a DJ, with lights and sound system and microphones. However, some of the smaller bars we have seen do not have anything or maybe a Jukebox with internal CDS. Please be sure to inform us over the phone what type of setup you have at your bar for equipment so we can pass this along to the manager of the dancers for the male revue. The last thing we want is a male revue group to show up to your bar and assume you have a full set up for sound, microphone and other essentials and there is only a jukebox. That would be detremental to the show since all the male dancers are specifiic on the songs they dance to, and many of their routines have songs that have been mixed, mashed up and modified to accommodate their routines.