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Portland Male Strippers

Portland Male Strippers are the key ingredient for any successful bachelorette party in the City of Roses.  Many of our male entertainers have lots of club experience and have performed in male revues and go go dancing.  If you are looking to bring that club experience to your location, look no further we are voted number one in the local area.  Let our friendly customer service agents answer all of your questions and assist you with final party planning.

Portland Black Male Exotic Dancers

Portland Black Male Exotic Dancers are a high request item in the Pacific Northwest.  We have top notch guys to choose from in our photo gallery.  Please take a few minutes and pick our your top four choices off of our website.  Keep in mind the guys work heavily on tips and we suggest everyone attending has at least $10 to $20 each in tipping dollars.

Male Strippers in Portland do not come in just one flavor.   We also have White and Latin males available to cover whatever your taste maybe.  Please have a family room or large area available for the dancer to perform.  It is near impossible to put on a good show for everyone if the dancer is entertaining in a small bedroom, or crowded small room.  The dancer will single out the guest of honor to kick things off and then dance and mingle with the rest of the guests during the show.  If you want this to be a surprise, have your guest of honor blindfolded before the show kicks off.

We will try our hardest to accommodate a last minute party if you call our business line directly.   If you have any further questions you may view our contact page for our direct phone number to our booking office.

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