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Most frequent questions and answers

The rates depend on location and availability. We typically do our end on a debit or credit card and the remainder of the total show price goes to the dancer when he/she arrives the night of the show. The rate doesn’t include tips.

At the time of booking you give us 4 names from our website, we will try to get you one of these 4 but in the event that we can’t we will use this list as a guide and match it as close as we can.

We have a wide range of selection. We’ve got: Cop, fireman, doctor, pizza guy, cowboy, military, construction worker, hotel security, business man, and party guest. You will pick three choices and your dancer will wear one of the three.

Yes. We can do last minute parties but you would need to be flexible with the time as we already have pre booked shows that night. If you are looking for a specific date & time we highly suggesting booking in advance to secure your date and time.

Yes. The majority of our dancers do bring their own music on their smart phone and then connect it by bluetooth to their boom box or speaker.  If you have a DJ at your party, please let the dancer know on arrival so that his music can be coordinated with the DJ’s laptop and input.  

Yes. Our dancers will dance on party buses just as long as the bus stays parked for health and safety reasons. You don’t want to end your special night with someone hurt.

EVERYONE has to be 18 and over! This is considered adult entertainment and if the dancer sees anyone that appears to be underage, the dancer has the right to request to see a government issued, valid ID.  If someone is asked to show ID, and they do not have it, they will be asked to leave the show area before the dancer will begin. 

No. Our dancers will not dance outside on grass or on concrete as grass is very slippery and the concrete is too hard. Our dancers perform high energy interactive shows it could cause harm to the dancer or even our customers. We don’t want our customers or our dancers getting hurt on your special night.

This depends on tipping and crowd participation.  Generally most shows run about 1 hour in length.  Everyone attending the show should bring tip money so they can be interactive and having fun.  It isn’t fair for 20 people to come attend a party and to watch the stripper perform if only 6 people out of the crowd are tipping and the other 14 are sitting and getting a free show.  When everyone is tipping and participating, it makes the party go longer and the dancer more into the show. 

*If your question was still not answered from the FAQs above, please go to our contact page here or call us and we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have*