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Stripper Party Pricing

Obtain a Price Quote

For stripper pricing, please take a few minutes and fill out the form below to obtain a price for your upcoming event.  We need all of this information so we can accurately calculate the best price for your upcoming party based on geographical location, and availability since stripper pricing can vary.

If you find another company online that is charging the same price for all locations, buyer beware!  It is not realistic for strippers to drive anywhere in a particular state or province or nationwide for one set low price.  This is a tactic some of our competitors do to quickly get your business and then later they up the price on you after the party is booked.  We do not participate in these types of business practices and disappoint our customers.  This is why it is vital to fill out this form, this way we can get you the best, most accurate price for your upcoming party, which is based on the physical location.